Summer 2014 : Cogmed Working Memory Training Program

Are you or your child easily distracted? Do you have trouble completing tasks or following instructions? Is your child struggling, particularly with reading comprehension and math, despite motivation and hard work? Poor working memory could be part of the problem.

Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task and remember what to do next. It is a critical function closely related to the attention necessary for a wide range of cognitive tasks, and is one of the best predictors of academic achievement.

Studies consistently show that problems with attention and learning are often caused by poor working memory. This holds true for those with ADHD, learning disabilities, or milder forms of learning and attention problems. Cogmed can help. Summer is an ideal time to incorporate Cogmed into your new routine !

Cogmed Qualified Practitioner Dr. David Causey coaches you and your child along the way.

DC in CJ article 08272012The Cogmed Working Memory Training Program includes:

1. An initial interview or screening
2. A start up session
3. Five-six weeks of training – 25 sessions
4. Weekly communication via phone / email with Dr. Causey
5. Wrap- up session and report
6. 6 month follow-up interview
7. Access to the Cogmed training web
8. 100 Cogmed Extension Training Sessions for 12 months

Learn more and reserve your (this program benefits adults, too !) or your child’s place now for this summer :