Melissa Guidry

Green-Bo“Language and learning is a passion for me: I believe that communication is key to understanding. My priority, as a liaison between your family and our doctors, is to provide clarity, efficiency, and peace of mind in our office to make your experience as enjoyable and productive as my own at Square One.”


Melissa Guidry, M.A., Business Manager received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and French from Indiana University Southeast and a Master of Arts in French from the University of Louisville. Previous to joining Square One in August 2007, Melissa  worked in the pediatric behavioral health field and gained office administration experience at the Bingham Child Guidance Center. She also spent time abroad, studying  in Paris and working in Montpellier, France.

Mrs. Guidry has worked in the pediatric behavioral health setting for over 14 years. As business manager, she develops, coordinates, and oversees  practice operations to promote high quality service and growth for the clinicians and the families served at Square One.

Outside of her work at Square One, Melissa enjoys tutoring in the community, supporting community events, gardening, traveling, music, and spending time with family and friends. She and her husband just welcomed a baby girl into their family in July 2015. Melissa recently moved on from her position at Square One, and Maureen Green and Carla Stone are taking on many of her duties. Please contact our main office line at (502) 896-2606 for assistance.