Orange-BoxOur therapists use a variety of cutting edge, research and evidence based methods to address psychological and behavioral disorders identified in comprehensive assessments. Our practice’s aim is to develop a therapeutic approach tailored to your child and your family’s specific needs.

Initial Intake 
When scheduling the initial intake appointment, we recommend scheduling a minimum of two follow-up therapy appointments to establish an initial routine.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist: $175/60 minutes
  • Licensed Psychological Associate: $175/90 minutes
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker: $175/90 minutes

Individual/Family/Play Therapy

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist: $125/50-60 minutes
  • Licensed Psychological Associate: $110/50-60 minutes
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker: $110/50-60 minutes

Cogmed Working Memory Training Program (10 weeks)
Working Memory Training provides long term skills that can be sustained and practiced over time.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based program that uses a lap top, PC or Mac. Most participants complete the program in their own home, but it can be completed elsewhere, such as at a tutoring center. The software adjusts complexity level for each exercise, in real time, for maximized training effect. Training consists of 25 training sessions that last 30-40 minutes each time, and is complete over a 5-6 week period (ideally 5 sessions per week).

The Cogmed Working Memory Training Program includes:

  • An initial interview or screening
  • A start up session
  • Five-six weeks of training – 25 sessions
  • Weekly communication via phone / email with Dr. Causey
  • Wrap- up session and report
  • 6 month follow-up interview
  • Access to the Cogmed training web
  • 100 Cogmed Extension Training Sessions for 12 months

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