Christina King, MAT

Educational Consultant

Christina King, MAT, Educational Consultant provides post-evaluation consultations, school accommodations guidance, educational supports, and professional development.

With over 10 years of experience, Mrs. King has worked in a variety of settings including state agency schools, private schools, independent schools, and the public school district. She has developed a learning support program to assist local schools in supporting students with learning differences. She has worked with the autism training center and with her counseling trained dog to teach severe autistic students using innovative techniques.

As Square One’s Educational Consultant, Mrs. King provides thorough, in-depth conversations with families in order to elaborate on testing results, gives guidance with navigating IEPs/Individual Learning Plans, researches schools to help families determine the right fit for their child’s learning needs, supports students’ executive functioning, provides teachers with feedback on learning styles which may benefit a particular student, assists with academic remediation, coaches parents and students with cognitive and emotional issues related to learning, and offers home support and help with transitioning from the structure of school.

Mrs. King earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree and a Masters in the Art of Teaching K-5 and Teaching Special Needs K-12 from Bellarmine University. She earned her Rank 1 and certification as a Learning Specialist. She started her career specializing in severe, low-functioning autism and spent many years researching educational supports available in the community in order to maximize support for the families with whom she works.

Christina King joined Square One February of 2016. She is married with two children and resides in Louisville. She passionately supports local businesses, soccer in the community, and enjoys anything in the sun.

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