Our experienced interdisciplinary staff work as a team to provide in-depth comprehensive  evaluations and to recommend treatment options.

The Team Comprehensive Evaluation and Consultation Appointments  include a combination of:

  • Clinical interview with Developmental Pediatrician
  • Physical and neurological evaluation of the patient
  • Psychological evaluation of patient, including elements of intelligence testing, academic assessment, perceptual assessment, emotional and behavioral evaluation, and cutting edge evaluation tools for specific concerns as necessary
  • Developmental diagnoses and research
  • Psychologist’s scoring and research
  • Parents-only post-evaluation consultation discussing evaluation findings
  • Written evaluation report with detailed clinical history, test scores, diagnoses, explanations, recommendations, and treatment options.

The team evaluation of your child typically takes place on the same day and lasts approximately three hours. The parents-only consultation is an hour long and takes place approximately two weeks following completion of the evaluation. Parents will receive the written comprehensive report approximately three weeks after the consultation appointment.

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