Neurodevelopmental Evaluation and Post-Evaluation Consultation Appointment with Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

  • Comprehensive clinical interview with parents, duration 90 minutes
  • Physical and neurological examination of the patient, following the clinical interview of parents, duration 30 minutes
  • Parents-only post-evaluation consultation session, duration one hour
  • Written evaluation with explanation of evaluation findings, diagnoses, recommendations, and treatment options.You will receive the written comprehensive report approximately three weeks after your consultation appointment.
  • The evaluation and consultation appointments are scheduled two weeks apart to allow for any necessary laboratory studies or additional information collection needs revealed during the evaluation process.

Follow-up Evaluation (when necessary)

  • Clinical interview with parents and patient to update medical evaluation
  • Neurological and physiological re-examination of the patient
  • Updated recommendations and resource options
  • Duration 90-180 minutes

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